Brooklyn Blues F/W 2017

Rock And Roll Royalty In its most secret heart, Rock And Roll has always been a contradictory animal. Rags and riches in equal measure, masculine and feminine by turn, tough but vulnerable rock and roll sports a steely, spiky exterior, concealing the tenderness and compassion that all great art possesses. With nearly 70 years of constant evolution, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly rock ‘n roll IS, at this point. One thing we can all agree on - Rock And Roll is a feeling, and that feeling means different things to each and every adrenalized devotee.
For her newest collection, Smoke And Rose’s designer Tila Hanthaley brings together these contradictory impulses in a delicate-but-striking symbiosis. Soft velvets and luxurious lace meet vintage NorCal designs, throwing back to the spirit of ‘67 in San Francisco, but without the tacky lettering. Smoke And Rose’s new collection is for those who grew up loving the counterculture, with all of its energy and revolutionary zeal - living with loud guitars and crashing drums during all of life’s most striking moments. For those who slow danced to Green Day or pogoed to Devo, raged against the machine with Marilyn Manson or Bratmobile or    X Ray Spex.
For those who are soft but still strong; elegant, yet still down; for the romantic; the rageful; the emotional and the detached. Rock And Roll lives on, in the hemlines and hand-stitched embroidery of Smoke And Rose.


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