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I’ve approached my last day in Barcelona.  I’ve come back to this beautiful city in attempt to regain my respect from the last time I was here.   I’ve decided to come back here, to basically remember Barcelona and all the glory that it is.  I decided to throw away the map and any pre-made plans and just know what getting lost means to me.

I’m sitting on a bench with a bed of roses in beautiful Parc Montjuic; away from the city, and the sound of children playing and the laughter of middle aged men competing in squash across the street beneath my balcony.  The humming birds suddenly louder and more beautifully than ever and the air is so sweet and fresh.  It was so easy to get to that familiar place, that creative ecstasy that only a kindred soul can understand.

I wondered aimlessly through the city.  No plans, just observing and taking in what was built long ago and admiring Gaudi's architectures.  I was so enamored by the energy of this place.  The people, the spirit, the palette, everything about it was just simply beautiful.

One morning, I decided to visit a known antique market.  I can feel the liveliness of the place from miles away.   The hidden gems, the old antiques of Spain - all piled up like it never meant anything.  In some corner, I saw a beautiful textile - peering out from underneath a pile of vintage toys.   Everything in my head screaming, sparks were flying.. like I was falling in love again.  I pulled it out - and glistening in the sun was a textured fabric, purple and blue baroque flowers..  Just enough to make a couple of dresses.  My head is swimming at this point.  I see the dress in my head - and I can’t wait to give you my newest global find, my newest creations.  Oh, and not to mention the authentic flamengo dresses that without a doubt, took my breath away.

It is now dinner time, and I am off to my favorite Tapas Bar!

Until then, Adios!!  Onto Portugal.  Stay Tuned!

July 12, 2015


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